A guide to gardener’s slang.

Gardener’s slang.

If you overhear two gardeners having a conversation, you might hear some of the following unfamiliar words and phrases:

Chelsea Garden – a plot with too many architectural features and no plastic owls!

Doughnut – the circular mark of shaved grass left by a lawn-mower.  The mark of shame.

Green Crescent – a pattern of garden waste left on the street, after being blown under a parked car by a petrol driven leaf blower.

Japweed – Japanese Knotweed or Fallopia Japonica.  The most unwanted weed in Britain.

Mine-field – a lawn with several pieces of dog mess on it.

Mow and blow merchant – a summer season gardener, who only performs two tasks!

Poor man’s orchid – Himalayan Balsam.

Skating rink – an area of slippery decking.

Yard work – what Americans call gardening.



It is a good time to plant water plants, if you are fortunate enough to have a pond in your garden.  Book me soon, if you want me to clear excess vegetation from your pond in September.


Mower man

A gardening scene in Alberta, Canada recently.  According to the photographer, Cecilia Wessels, the storm was further away than it appeared – at least a mile away.  Her husband completed the job without  incident!