Lawn Mowing & Hedge Trimming

Lawns can be cut weekly, fortnightly or at agreed regular intervals.  Edging up and spiking of poorly drained areas can also be undertaken.

Spring bulbs can also be introduced into informal areas of your lawn to create a low maintenance and wildlife friendly area.

I can trim hedges or lower them for easier future maintenance.


Pruning can improve the shape and health of your shrubs and fruit trees and increase yields of flowers and fruit.  I use professional tools and keep them sharp and oiled!


I keep perennial & annual weeds under control using hand tools, mulching and tactical planting.  A variety of barks and mulches to smother weeds and enhance your beds and borders can be supplied.  Planting the right kind of shrubs and perennials to shade out most weeds, keeps future weeding to a minimum.  Regular hand weeding and leaving as little bare ground as possible works best in most gardens.

It is now a legal requirement for paid gardeners who spray chemicals to hold PA1 and PA6 certificates.  Recent research suggests that garden chemicals have entered the water supply in the UK and may be more harmful to health than the labels suggest.  The EU were only willing to license Glyphosate  /  Roundup for another 18 months in Summer 2016.  It hardly fills me with confidence about the safety of the most common products.

Please note that I no longer use chemical weed-killers.

I am currently unwilling to spend the time and money on training and have had a complete re-think on the subject.  On so many occasions it was too wet or windy to spray anyway.     I used to do a limited amount of spraying on paved areas, before the law changed.

There are gardeners listed on the Gardeners Guild website who are trained in spraying, should you choose to have weed-killers applied.