Will Griffin is the proprietor of Griffin Gardens, which was launched in 2013.

I gained the knowledge and skills to make a garden attractive to wildlife and people from my mother who is a passionate gardener and an elder brother who was a professional gardener.  In 1988 I gained a degree in Environmental Science from Bradford University.  From 1989 until 2013 I worked as a Park Ranger in three London Boroughs and the Peak District.  I have enjoyed managing parks, a garden in a Victorian cemetery and many nature reserves.

Working with nature rather than destroying it is my aim – so ponds with frogspawn in will be cleared out in September or October, once the tadpoles have grown up and left.  Hedges with nesting birds will be left undisturbed until the birds have fledged – this is the law!   Weeding is fun for a while, but I’d rather your border was so full of shrubs and flowers that the weeds were crowded out.

Loyalty – once you arrange a regular maintenance visit, I will try to honour the arrangement until the end of the year.  Sometimes the weather may delay me!                   You can withdraw or postpone at any time, but please give me two weeks’ notice, if you can.

Please phone for more information on 01422 383944 or 07961 605449

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